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Today's Networking Events & Business Events for New Orleans
Morning Events
  • 2021 LREC Mandatory: Basics of Investment Property and Property Mangement
  • Quickbooks Basics for Business Owners
  • Conversación y Café
  • B2B Networking
  • (Free Event) Morning Coffee and Connections

Lunch Events
  • One Designer, One Work: Batsheba Castro Martinez
  • Lease Accounting: Are You Ready? With Kurt Oestriecher
  • AFP Virtual Drop In
  • Personal Finance Workshops & (PT/FT) Business Opportunity Orientation

Evening Events
  • ABWA Happy Hour
  • Cocktails & Conversations with Son of a Saint
  • ABWA Happy Hour with
  • Moxey Networking Social
  • Basic Class: Exit Strategies-Bond for Deed/Lease Option
  • How To Track Your ROI Of Your Facebook Posts
  • Virtual Cocktails And Connections
  • NOLA IEEE CS Tech Talk Meetup: The History and Evolution of Databases
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